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Books about ultracycling are full of advice on how to approach all kind of situations. I'm pretty sure every useful tip has been given and every good advise has been written down.

Still, I was never really convinced that it would help to read about something so versatile like longdistance cycling and I was always too eager to go out and find out myself.

After all it's not rocket science, it's just cycling, right?

Well. Maybe this is not exactly the best introduction to convince you to continue reading. To be honest, I don't see myself in the position to do all the hard work for you, telling you what you should do to be as successful as possible. And this is not because I'm selfish, but simply because I also don't know.

In case you are still interested in reading rather than just going out and making your own mistakes, here are some of mine and how to prevent them.

Trust me, some of them are really stupid.

And some of them even hurt.

the hows

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